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TaylorMade R1 Driver

TaylorMade R1 Driver
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TaylorMade R1 Driver



Description of TaylorMade R1 Driver



The TaylorMade R1 driver is all about adjustability - through a couple different means of maneuverability, the R1 can be "tuned" to 168 different settings of the golfer's choosing. And these drivers do not come with a set loft angle, or any loft number stamped on the sole, because they are adjustable from 8 to 12 degrees.


The graphics, TaylorMade says, provide "linear reference cues" to help golfers square the face at address. For example, the graphics frame a triangular white space behind the clubface, and that white space serves as a frame against which to position the ball - "helping to heighten focus," TaylorMade claims.


With R1 driver you can 1) Choose from five Face-Angle positions so you can achieve the look you want at address and to help you square the face to the ball at impact.2) Choose from 12 Loft-Sleeve settings between 8° and 12°. 3) Choose from two ways to position the movable Shot-Shape weights to promote a straight flight or a distance-enhancing draw.

R1 Driver


Features of TaylorMade R1 Driver



>>One taylormade r1 driver model that can be tuned to fit Tour pros and amateurs alike.

>>7 standard and 5 upright loft options between 8° and 12° (±2°) to obtain optimal launch angle.

>>7 face angle options: N/square, open, medium-open, maximum-open, closed, medium-closed, maximum-closed.

>>Shot-shaping movable weights promote a neutral/straight flight or a distance-enhancing draw.

>>Thick-thin crown provides lower and more-forward CG location promoting high launch, fast ball speed and low spin.

>>Inverted Cone Technology milled into the inner side of the clubface expands the portion of the face that delivers high ball speed.

>>Black taylormade r1 driver clubface, non-glare white crown and new gray/orange/black crown graphic together promote easy alignment.




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Reviews For TaylorMade R1 Driver
Anonymous user   2013-09-07 13:44:42
Wow. This club incredible. Just hit it on the driving range.
Hitting into a 25 mph wind at 52 degrees I was getting a constant slight draw and a 225 yard carry. Can't wait for a warmer and less windly day hitting Titleist balls and not the old range balls.

This beats my Cleveland driver by about 25 yards.

This is the real deal.
Scotton   2013-06-20 16:46:49
One word WOW. The R1 had best spin rate 2450-2550. Longest and straightest by far over Ping New G25, I 20 and Calaway. Then I played two rounbds since, added 50-60 yards, yes 50-60 YARDS and much straighter drives. One thing, MAKE sure you don't over swinnnngg. if you do, same results, as past driver. Nice easy swing - "BOOM". Amazing. My friends called today and were in disbelief of the way I hit this thing!
Anonymous user   2013-06-06 14:46:13
Just demo'd the new R1 driver. Straight and long. It took a little time to find the right setting. The Aldila shaft is a real difference maker. No question the best Taylormade driver so far. I have owned the last 3 drivers and this is the best. With all the settings, it should come with dvd instructions. Pricey!
David   2013-05-17 13:53:47
This is a super sweet driver. Gave me 20 to 25 extra yards....
Anonymous user   2013-05-07 14:41:38
Usually I hit my driver about 220 when i was 14 and using my old Taylormade Burner super fast diver, but ever since i got the R1, i hit about 250-270. It is amazing driver and easy adjustable to use. i recommend this driver people who likes to have different lofts.
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